Friday, September 7, 2007

The Magic T.E. Duggan Touch at a neighborhood near you part II

Again the star of this show is T.E. Duggan.
Our flipper picked up 8870 N. Sundown Trail, Parker on May 2006 for only $520,000. Seems US Bank was stuck with it and needed to unload it.
This POS was listed from 12/02/2005 until it sold in May '06. List price went from $551,250
to $529,000. The above pictures are what this POS looks like today. The water was turned off in early '05 and still has yet to be turned on.
Mr Duggan(perhaps the same licensed Mtg Broker in CO) sold this wonderful POS on the very sameday to Melvin for $650,000. He bought it for $520,000 and sold it for $650,000 in less then 12 hours.
This guy must be the greatest flipper in the world! He should be on A&E. He can sell homes without the help of MLS.
Melvin never moved in to it or made any payments from what we could tell. The water, electricity and gas hasn't been turned on in this POS for a few years. Could be a case of stolen identity?


Tyrone said...

Talk about your blatant fraud. Absolutely no shame.

incessant_din said...

I can't wait for him to start doingthe Learning Annex thing. This guy is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am not in real estate, but came across this while looking up this property. What is going on with it now? You may think it is a POS, but my family loved it when we looked at a couple of years ago, and have wanted to look into the possibility of renting. Any info?