Friday, September 7, 2007

The Magic TE Duggan Touch part I

The TE Duggan touch is alive and well and in a neighborhood near you.
Today we are featuring 7045 S. Malaya Way.
Mr TE Duggan(perhaps the same licensed mtg broker in CO) snatched this beauty up for $308,000 on 10/2006. This was a bank sale.
Duggan our superstar flipper sold it 1 month later(without the help of MLS) to our flopper for $363,000. $55,000 in one month! That could put alot of gas in your car these days. Duggan must need alot of gas to get to all his flips these days.
Right now you can buy 7045 S. Malaya Way for only $315,000 through the MLS. Seems the flopper that Duggan dumped this on can't afford this beauty and the Realtor has it as a 'Short Sale". TE Duggan has a long list of properties so we will see more of his little flips in months to come.

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