Friday, June 8, 2007

More Kool Aid drinkers on South University Blvd.

Just how much is a zero lot line, adjacent a 'place of worship', custom home worth on Universtiy Blvd.?? 3059 S. Univerity Blvd. has been on the market since 05/02/2005 list price started at $780,000 and now it has been reduced to $679,000, perhaps at $500,000 they may have some action. You can buy a vacant lot and build your own custom home if you like. The lots are decling at a much faster pace. The builder wasn't having very good luck and decided to sell the remaining lots. 3055 S. Univ. was listed $225k 12/2006 and now it has been reduced to $175,000. Dont jump in yet the price will likely go down even more. We will keep you posted!

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