Sunday, June 10, 2007

12933 Silver Elk Lane, Littleton, Deer Creek

Never trust a investor club! Just how much is this house? You can buy this home from MLS with the help of a Realtor for just $1,649,00, MLS#518435. But you can also buy this home from a local investor club,
for $2,000,000, they claim that they have 2 appraisals for $2,500,000.(Those appraisers have complaints to the state on them for this property). Lets see the sales history; listed 05/10/2006 $2,500,000...finally sold.... sold $1,702,000 06/28/2006,
Listed 03/26/2007 $1,999,900 and has been lowered to $1,649,000 5/29/2007. The investor club is selling this great property as a 'Wholesale' property. What on earth is 'wholesale' realestate? If it is such a good deal why have they had it in their portfolio for about a year?
Buyer beware....


Anonymous said...

What a joke. I just sent them a note saying they'll be lucky to get $1MIL.

Anonymous said...

Hey blogger,

Out of curiosity, how do you come by this information? I'd like to do some of my own poking around in Boulder. Do you just check at the assessor's office? I can't imagine there's enough info there. So where does one go to find this info?

Bubblewatcher said...

Im in the RE biz and watch the crazy stuff which goes on. The tricks going on these days amazes me. Most of the data is picked up from MLS, keeping an eye on props, other bloggers. This last one came from a radio infomercial these guys had in town about a year ago. The lies they would put over the air waves was a riot.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting story. There's a link to a video. Must see angry homeowners, complaining about homes being auctioned off for half of what they paid. One woman says, "They promised us they were not going to go below market value." They kept their promise; the MARKET established the price.

This is that ugly, ignorant side of homeownership. Why do these people think prices won't go down? America, do your homework!!