Thursday, June 14, 2007

Update to Croke Drive, they are nuts.....

We went by this property today just out of curiosity. There was about 10-12 workers in white suits working within the "TENT" in 80+ degree weather. While I was there the 'workers' wanted to walk, it would be like over 100 degrees in the 'TENT'. The wokers were not happy, they refused to work upstairs. I think I would too..good way to shed a bunch of water weight.
Anyway I talked with the contractor and it seems the Flippers tore the roof structure off before all the BAD weather we had this year.
The house sat there open to the elements.
A nosey neighbor didnt like what was going on 9960 Croke Drive(dont you just hate those nosey neighbors),,anyway this neighbor was nosing around and reported this house to Adams County.
Adams showed up and snooped around. They didnt like what they saw and called the experts.
The EPA came a knockin. (Dont you just hate the EPA?!) Well the EPA identified this property as a 'MAJOR SPILL'. SomehowI dont like these words put in one sentence by the EPA.
So the ASBESTOS is for real.
These poor flippers are in BIG trouble with the gubment. It appears they have to remove and abate all the particulates and Asbesos before they can begin the Macmansion they invisioned. Like our investment group told us,,"DO THE MATH"...10 workers in white suits at $xx/hour since mid April and they are still there with big fancy air circulating fans, and fancy air testers, daily air quality tests, indoor tests and outdoor tests, reports to the EPA, inspections by EPA and Adams gosh I really feel sorry for these flippers.
Did they get some hair brained idea from A&E show or Home and Garden??Should they sue the seller,,,, where is that Trouble Shooter when you need him??
Stay tuned more to follow...

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Dave Barnes said...

SNAFU and FUBAR were invented just for situations like this.