Thursday, June 7, 2007

3179 South University Blvd.

Just down the Blvd from The Denver University.
University Blvd. is a rtaher busy street at this point. But jump on it and you can be to Cherry Creek within mnutes or go south and be in Cherry Hills in seconds. 3179 S. University Blvd. is a 1,488sf(no basement) 1955's ranch with no basement. It has hardwood floors, Realtor states 'show & sell', that was in 2005. Some lucky flipper bought this ATM 12/2005 from the bank for $285,000 with 100% financing AND $15,000 in concessions. Somehow it was sold(not with the help of MLS) for $330,000 2/13/2006 through WMC Mortgage(I know not much of a profit but some smo got a paycheck out of the deal plus the CC). It is no listed $354,000 subject to short sale,,??? why short sale? who knows. A buyer could now buy 3149 S. University Blvd(yes 1 or 2 doors down) for $249,900 and get 1,644sf plus a full basement, 1955's ranch.(our betty has NO basement). Well buy it and get F'd or wait the storm out. We have other prime buys on Universtiy Blvd., just stay tuned..

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Dave Barnes said...

As someone who lives on Josephine Street (just 1 block off of University) I think that University is just too noisy and busy.
For me, the "location reduction" has to be 25% compared with Josephine or York.
At 3000 South University, the traffic is really moving at 45-50 mph.