Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fronterra Village aka..Floppers Village

This little slice of heaven in the north metro area is a good location if you work at the Airport.
Richmond Homes is still building here and offering all sorts of incentives. But the resales are a much better deal. Check this out;
10118 Idalia Street, originally sold 04/07/2004 $426,200, and resold 04/27/2007 $199,900
16067 E. 97th Place, original sale 12/15/2004 $254,900, and resold 02/20/2007 $183,900
9933 Laredo Drive, original sale 01/06/2005 $251,275, and resold 03/02/2007 $182,000
9963 Laredo Drive, original sale 10/22/2004 $262,000, and resold 10/26/2006 $215,250
This is just a small sampling. These are all relatively new homes, little paint and carpet and they would be new. Why are they still building in this hood?? Richmond Homes, KB, DR Horton's past customers are walking from their homes in droves because they cant sell them. Another example of the American Dream(nightmare).


Anonymous said...

Wow those are some pretty good declines...$200K for a house...on land?? Bargain! You can't even get a 1/1 condo here in LA for that much...

Ok, kidding about the bargain part...I realize prices are all relative and these could still be over priced. I like to see what is going on in other places though...keep up the good work.

Dave Barnes said...

Impressive drops.
Lots of homeowner pain out on the prairie next to the jet noise.