Saturday, May 5, 2007

In Honor of Cinco de Mayo

3510 Pecos Street
list price $114,900
contract price $150,000,,,a bidding war! I haven't seen a bidding war in over 8 years!
the recovery must be here!
This great piece of realestate is located on a 3,120sf lot, has one bedroom up and one down.
''detached garage built with vintage stone"
"across for a park'
just for the record the 'park' is a playground for a elementray school.
I will keep you posted to as to how it plays out.
Could be the steal of the century, afterall part of the demo. is done, there are no windows and the garage(as you can see) is boarded up! Oppurtunity knocks! Send out A&E..
Prior sale 11/15/2005 $200,000
Prior sale 12/15/2003 $160,000
We tried to track down the current owner and their mailing address does not exist???

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Dave Barnes said...

What you failed to mention is that this "scraper" is located in the ever so trendy Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

$150K for the small lot is a smidge on the high side, but not by much. So, the structures on the lot are not even part of the price.