Sunday, May 6, 2007

1932 South Routt Court

As you can see very nice digs in a relatively nice mid to upper hood.
Sold 05/30/2007 $689,900
Lets examine the listing history....
Original list price $798,500 09/17/2005
numerous price drops to $760,000
price change...07/11/2006 $900,000
under contract on or about 07/2006 $960,000

WITHDRAWN 07/20/2006
relisted 10/31/2006 $739,900
numerous price changes and sold 03/30/2007 $689,900.
what the heck happened did the Realestate market spike for a few months last summer??
or did a smart underwriter and/or appraiser spot a cash back deal and put the brakes on it???
we will never know. case closed

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