Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunnyside Condos Aurora, Price rollback 1987 prices

Sunnyside Condos in Aurora Colorado are selling for rock bottom prices these days. You can pay $40-$50,000 for a 2/2, 900sf unit today. In 2001 these same units sold for $100-$110,000. This project hasn't sold this low since the mid 80's or when they were first sold.


Anonymous said...

So, you can actually buy them for what they are worth.

What a concept.

Where was this the last few years?

Anonymous said...

That's amazing... I used to live in aurora colorado in the sub- division called "Saddlerock Ridge" I wonder what houses are going for now in that area.

condo in Philippines said...

Amazing !! Its look like a great deal. Thanks for the post.

Paula M

Anonymous said...

Very bad neighborhood..not worth the asking price for the safety of your life and nerves!

My old unit was on the bottom floor of the 1074 S Dearborn unit ...very close to the 3rd floor unit that burned the other day.

Drug lords and hoodlums and just a very piss poor property owner and tires got slashed at my parking spot.

Got out over 4 yrs ago and am very happy I did.

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