Wednesday, October 24, 2007

4735 Josephine another Countrywide POS

Here is a real nice duplex in the heart of Denver. This is within walking distance to the Stock Yards and if your lucky you grab a train as it lumbers by your rear window....what a great way to save on that ever increasing gas bill.
This POS has gone through the complete wash cycle.
This POS originally sold 08/29/2006 for an outstanding $290,000, after being listed for $269,000.
Next it sold 0n 01/15/2005 without the help of MLS for an outstanding $325,000.
Now you can buy this POS from Countrywide for only $188,900.
2,186sf 10/6/3.5, 2 units.


Dave Barnes said...

This is Globeville for crying out loud.
Next to rail line which won't disappear for another decade (at least).
I'm sorry, but $188K is 2x what you should pay here. Maybe 3x.

Anonymous said...

what a POS!!

If anyone buys this... then you are desperate, better off just renting.


Anonymous said...

I don't know. I mean,... they have that chair set up in the driveway,... looks like a great area for entertaining. Kids love trains.

Selling points?


Bubblewatcher said...

Thats awesome!
esp when the Rodeo comes to town!

Dr Housing Bubble said...

Good work following the bubble in Denver. Every metro area at this point seems overpriced in relation to income.

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