Thursday, October 18, 2007

338 Bellvue Road, Golden, CO super flip!

This odd looking house first sold 06/29/2006 after being on the market for 3 months $609,900, list price $642,000. This was after several failed attempts to sell in 2003 and 2004.
This home then sold again 06/30/2006 for $835,000. Thats right $226,000 in just 2 days. Christopher Dilapo made a bundle when he sold this POS to Joel Duran. Poor old Joel never made a payment or moved in to this POS. Very interesting....
6/1/1.5 3,000sf(yup just 1 bedroom above grade)
1,500sf basement
under size 2 car garage...


Anonymous said...

Blatant fraud. Housing bubble? What bubble?


Anonymous said...

sold in 2 days for that price?

I can't believe it. You gotta double check that.

But, if it is true. Talk about a RE bubble.


Anonymous said...

Yuppers, $226K in cash back fraud. Hopefully the taxpayers will cover the investor's losses. Poor investor's and bankers, someone has to keep them afloat!

Paco Bell said...


This thing is an eyesore.

It seeme to be the case that whenever there is a fast turnaround like this, there is a likelihood fraud is involved.

Electronically accessable data could present investigators wanting to boost their conviction rates with some very likely suspects, and do so rather easily.
Easier even than shooting fish in a barrel.

Prosecuting this kind of (blatant!) fraud might not be as easy, but do enough of them and I betcha it gets easier in no time!

Besides, most of them would wet their pants if you just threaten them with prosecution. They'd rather cop a plea, pay restitution and become debt slaves to society until they can pay it back, rather than do hard time.

Lesson learned, problem solved, all in three or four paragraphs!

Show of hands- who's going to vote for me?

HamptonsRealEstate said...

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christopher Pia said...

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