Saturday, August 4, 2007

More funny business on East Lake Drive

We featured a failed flipper on East Lake Drive a while back,

here is her biggest competitior who is giving his house away;
just $630,000
3,670sf, 171.66sf
1,968sf basement
3 car garage
he paid $890,700 05/19/2006
wait it gets better,
this flipper is sitting on another ticking time bomb;
5615 Vistancia drive, Parker, Pradera
same flipper paid $992,700 03/31/2006
he originally listed this mcmansion 04/12/2006 $1,046,000
raised and lowered and raised the price, now it sits empty and listed for $1,100,000
if you take a drive down Vistancia drive there are tons of other flipper listings and some are recieveing NODs, its not a pretty sight along Vistancia drive these days, all these
large homes with weeds for landscaping. Out of 50 homes only 5-6 are occupied, the others are flippers....
HOA maybe foreclosing soon if the banks dont beat them to it.

Our same flipper has another ticking time bomb;;;;
12542 South Robinson Ranch Drive, Parker
He picked this one up 03/15/2002 $549,845
He has raised and lowered the list price 20 times since 05/12/2005 and now it is at $595,000 subject to short sale, loan amount exceeds $600,000
Lake Drive is also subject to short sale.
He also has a property in Lone Tree, all these properties show our fliper as owner occupant???
How can 1 person occupy 3 homes in the same county at the same time??

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Tyrone said...

Damn, those are some big McMansions!

Super-size me, beeeyatch! LOL

This from the Aurora Sentinel:

Nobody's home