Thursday, August 16, 2007

5523 Laredo Street, Denver If Only I Had Waited

These first time homeowners thought KB Homes was making them a great deal when they bought this new Ranch. This is the Albany which is 1,400sf with full basement.
$200,985, 08/18/2006
Look down the street and they could have purchased a slightly used Albany located at;

5564 Laredo Street for only $189,900. 5564 Laredo Street were also first time homeowners and thought the same thing when they closed on their Albany for $225,667 from KB Homes.
But wait there is more;

5514 Kittredge Street is also a Albany and has a 3 car garage!
05/14/2007 $182,000...
Another set of first time buyers who paid a whopping $240,885, 12/15/2005.

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