Thursday, August 23, 2007

5203 W. Ohio Ave.

Did anyone bother to tell the bank this is a manufactured home..
Oh well its on sale now.
Check this out;
1,716sf, no garage
1,544sf basement
13,001sf lot
nice view of SHERIDAN Blvd....
Sales History
list 07/11/2002 $270,000
finally sold 08/26/2003 $206,000
Listed again 11/10/2006 $240,000
lowered 05/23/2007 $168,000(someone at the bank musta figured out this is a wobbly box, manufactured home)
now listed for only $137,900.
I think a sale may happen at about $99,000 if someone has that much cash.
Decision One is eating this POS


Anonymous said...

Wow! you find some great POSes! In your research, what percentage of POSes is Countrywide Funding holding the bag on?

Take care!

Tyrone said...

Well, if you haven't seen this POS held by Country, YOU MUST...

Go to:

And look for the story/pictures on
410 Avocado Place 93010

It's 15 miles from Countrywide's HQ. LOL

Dave Barnes said...

I know the location is not that good. but, getting 1700 SF for $99K seems like a good deal to me.

My neighborhood is selling for $350+/SF so $57/SF seems like a huge bargain.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to propose some 'charting' (see below) to a 'most popular' housing bubble blog that is chart-friendly. Might you have a good suggestion(s)?

What I’m talking about: recalling this ‘Shiller chart’ in the NYT a year ago, at
I made this chart, which I assume is self-explanatory to you:
If ‘DID return to’ of the past is taken as indicative of future, then ...
My proposal is: for each one of the 10 metro areas of S&P/C-S 10 (which have index data for 20 yr), to add
to the foregoing chart the points for the one area. Then, together with the evident composites’ histories, a person can eyeball the one area’s history, and judge informed ...


sb322 said...


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