Thursday, August 30, 2007

336 Grant St. #504 Is this the bottom?

This penthouse unit is in a converted apartment building in an up and comng area of metro Denver.
Great location within 2 miles of at least 5 Starbucks.
802sf 2/1.75 no garage, no pool
Checkout this units sales history;
12/15/2004 $155,000
01/15/2005 $215,000 $60k in 1 month, gotta love it
10/17/2006 $170,000 212sf $45 negative OUCH!


Numpty McHoon said...

Yabbut, are any of those Starbuck's within walking distance (wearing flip-flops)?

Anonymous said...

I think my grand parents had a Barn that color once.