Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cherry Grove East II Condos, is this the bottom?

Not much appreciation in this project.
This is a relativly new project close to shopping and interstates, great amenities.
Located close to Sable and Alameda Avenue in Aurora.
Check this out;
14323 E 1st #208, new $129,800, just sold $121,250
14231 E. 1st #204, new $155,000, just sold $109,000
14333 E. 1st #208, new $139,000, just sold $104,000
14211 E. 1st #305, new $154,200, just sold $130,000
14201 E. 1st #306, new $156,000, just sold $125,000
14313 E. 1st #106, new $160,300, just sold $125,000
Just like the '80's, remember never buy a condo in Aurora!

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Craig said...

We lived in Cherry Grove East II a couple years ago (14353 #303). Paid $650 in rent. The places themselves were nice and close to a brand new outdoor mall, etc. Unfortunately it was also close to numerous apartment slums not to mention Cherry Grove East I. We saved a ton of cash living there but moved out after my truck was broken into. On our move out day, one of the owners asked how much we paid in rent so I told him $650. He just got this sad look on his face and said "man, that won't even cover my mortgage...guess I'll just sell it". Good luck pal...