Saturday, July 14, 2007

190 S. Ivy Street, we dont need no stinkin REALTORS

This 50's Ranch which looks to have recieved no updating has been on the market for over 1 year seeking a greater fool. Our current homeowner paid $750,000, 11/07/2005. private sale. Looks to be empty and that 80/20, 100% loan is ticking away.
They used a REALTOR for over 1 year, list price has gone from $1,275,000 to $950,000.
Now our brave flipper is attempting FSBO.
We know the value is in the 9,940sf lot but the asking price is way out there. See our highest comp, 255 South Dexter Street(west of Holly) 15,000sf lot $734,400. Next, 277 S. Forest Street, 13,500sf lot $715,000. Next, 15 Ivy Street 9,220sf lot $695,000.
Good luck 190 Ivy Street!


Dave Barnes said...

$600K would seem to be the appropriate price for this scraper.

Anonymous said...

"Now our brave flipper is attempting FSBO"

It looks like this flipper is trying to cure a case of incompetency with a dose of stupidity.