Friday, July 20, 2007

10850 West Center Ave., Lakewood. FLOPPPPP!

This white elephant has been through alot over the past couple years, alot of updating and alot of listings. Now Countrywide is trying to salvage some of their invesment.
Our flipper began back in '99 when he paid $281,250.
We spent a few years fixin it up.
Listed 09/13/2003 $850,000(in a $200,000 hood)
25 revisions and almost 4 years later we are at a rock bottom price of $428,900($97sf)
this single family dwelling, overimprovement is approximately 4,379sf no basement, 2 car garage
will keep you posted.


Pcao Bell said...

Is this a SFR or apartment bldg.?

Bubblewatcher said...

Single family dwelling.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those notices on the front door...hee hee

Tyrone said...

Truly pathetic looking. I guess they were going for the 'Motel 6' look. LOL

incessant_din said...

If I didn't know this place is in Colorado, I would have sworn it was a motel where we spent a night in Oregon years ago. The floors in that place were sloped something like a 5% grade. Ah the memories!

Bronzillo has so many of these places on his books, it's hard to comprehend.