Friday, June 1, 2007

7555 West Yale(approximately)

What a great use of a vacant lot. 2 story mobile homes. These bueties are only $200,000. You can still be the first one to buy one...condomobiles, mobiletownhomes???


Anonymous said...

Truly sickening. Are you serious about the $200K price tag?

Bubblewatcher said...

Yes there are, $200,000. Makes ya wonder. They sure aren't selling very faast.

MileHighFlipper said...

This is one example of many I see every day. People need to realize that the market sets home prices not the person selling the property. If it's priced too high it won't sell if it's priced low it will have multiple offers in a matter of days. I write offers on 10 houses every week and the number of houses getting multiple offers is growing every day.