Friday, May 11, 2007

4116 South Sheridan Blvd. Floppppppp!

The sky is the limited, or so they thought..
What can I saw, they tried. See sales/listing history
Listed 20/19/2002 $259,900
sold 04/26/2002 $245,000
Listed 07/01/2005 $555,000
sold 08/03/2005 $510,000 lucky flipper #1!
Listed 08/22/2005 $525,00(just 2 weeks after they closed?)
Lowered to $499,900 then off market 11/01/2005 what were these flippers thinking??
Bank takes over then it gets relisted as REO
Listed 09/06/2006 $450,000
Sold 02/16/2007 $371,000... -$139,000 plus carrying costs, plus comissions, plus attorney fees etc etc
The last flipper in this ponsi was involved in other scams around town which we are researching and trying to connect the dots...
The home has a terrible floor plan upstairs but the basement would be great for a home office AND media/theater!!
What are these flippers thinking???

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incessant_din said...

Now, that's some serious curb appeal. any appraiser with access to sale history and a set of eyeballs should have nixed that half million sale. Unbelievable.