Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2614 Quitman Street

Talk about curb appeal!
This little piece of heaven is in walking distance to Sloans Lake and the Common Grounds what more does any one need? Perhaps a major price slash.
This POS looks like a mobile home and sits right on the alley.
This PO has been listed since 01/31/2005 started out at $255,000
7 price drops later $215,000 taken off the market, 10/27/2005.
Then the old college try of raising the list price $245,000 08/08/2006.
This PO has been empty this entire time.
About now the bank is sniffing around for more details, sucks to be involved with this POS.
Funny they took out a loan on 09/13/2006 for $226,900??
Lets see listed, vacant, I wonder what loan to value they magically came up with..

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