Friday, May 11, 2007

1659 Quebec Street

This home recent sold to some lucky flipper. MLS indicates a free credit report and free appraisal if 'pre qual & close with Countrywide' I think Countrywide was in a hurry to unload this dog.
$209,900 06/21/2006...DOM-277
but the plot thickens.......
Quebec Street is very busy in this part of town, traffic backs up in front of the house all day long.
Not a great house if you have kids.
This home sold back in 2004..
$422,000 01/01/2004 DOM-1
Countrywide was the note holder and the home was listed well below this amount prior to the sale. After this sale there was a first payment default.
Back on market 07/18/2005, $298,900 and finally sold 06/22/2006...$213,000 less then it did in 2004...poor Countrywide maybe the appraisal in 2004 was free too?


incessant_din said...

Sold over CFC's asking price after 277DOM? WTF?

Anonymous said...

The sale history on Zillow is
all over the map.
02/23/2007: $235,000
07/12/2006: $209,900
02/03/2005: $297,429
03/21/2004: $422,000
03/17/2003: $355,000
01/06/2003: $153,462
It looks quite
fraudulent in 2003